Corporate Governance

Our biggest concern is the application of the rules of good governance to the vision of the future and the specificities of your company or organisation.  Our intervention guarantees transparent and reliable decision-making with the aim of achieving your concrete objectives.

The implementation of the objectives and the achievement of the desired results is a project that  involves the entire company or organisation.  Correct decision-making and consultation take place at various levels in your organisation.  Consilio has the expertise to introduce and integrate these rules of good governance into the specific operations of your company.

Consilio’s core competencies are both composing and determining the role and functioning of the chosen governance model.
It is the task of Consilio to monitor the proper functioning of this elected Executive Council and to take an active role in this.

“Managers and investors alike must understand that accounting numbers are the beginning, not the end, of business valuation.”

Warren Buffett

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