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Consilio Partners was initially established as a strategic business consulting unit within what was then Fortis Bank.  The aim was to help out business customers with payment problems.  The unit supported these organisations with the development of their strategy and the realisation of the consequent objectives.  The bank felt the need to (pro)actively assist companies to which it had granted loans at key turning points.  The continuity of the companies was an important starting point for Fortis, which also benefited from the core activities.

Luc Van Milders, with his broad experience in financial and general management (including at JP Morgan, FilmNet and Carestel), was appointed to lead this new unit. It soon proved successful and grew significantly.

Consilio Partners has acted as an independent entity since 2007. Fortis Bank refocused on its core activities during the banking crisis.

Thanks to the development of this experience and expertise, today we can professionally help you to secure the future of your company.



Our mission is to equip companies for the challenges of the future and to guide them at crucial turning points.

We stand shoulder to shoulder with you as an entrepreneur.  Together we look for the right approach to join your forces and apply them in a targeted manner. We forge the different views within your company into one effective strategy.

By choosing the right people in the right place, your company takes the course that leads to healthy growth.


We offer you the experience and power of our hands-on and committed approach.  This way we can turn around the risks and changing future prospects of a company to become opportunities and to create sustainable growth.

With a healthy portion of ambition coupled with absolute integrity, we want to become your trusted advisor. Investing in the sustainable growth of our partners is the best investment in our own growth.



Acting with integrity is paramount at Consilio Partners. Every day we work with sensitive company information and that deserves a careful and correct approach.


We aim for sustainable results as well as lasting relationships.  We believe in the power of long-term thinking. Strong and stable results require in-depth knowledge that takes into account the bigger picture.  This also applies to relationships.  Real growth is more than a number.


We feel connected to our customers and really want to know our partners.  What do they do, what drives them, what do they stand for?  Only then can we really see the needs and provide the solutions that are needed.


In this rapidly changing economy you cannot always determine the circumstances yourself.  But you do decide how to handle these circumstances. Planning ahead and looking towards the future are essential to anticipate potential opportunities and threats facing your business.  It is important to think ahead and not let the planning be determined by the operational activities

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