Consilio - Partners in Governance Consilio - Partners in Governance

Consilio Partners has years of experience in the field of business management. We guide companies at crucial turning points and together we build the bridge to the challenges of the future.

“Time is more value than money. You can get more money,
but you cannot get more time.”


Consilio Governance Model

Starting from a specific question or a concrete problem (turning point), Consilio and your key employees (context) will map out a suitable future plan (support base). This will form the basis of the future Governance model.

Together we create a clear vision on how to develop the strategy of your company or organisation. For this we identify the necessary resources to start your future project and we determine the investments in financial resources, knowledge, skills and optimal structures.

We monitor the implementation of these changes and the gradual transformation towards concrete predetermined objectives.  An evaluation moment is regularly scheduled, during which we examine the strategy, objectives and results of these change processes.